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April 9, 2020
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Circular Knitting Needles Tips

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Circular knitting needles consist of shorter needles connected by means of a nylon cord. If with classic needles you have to stop at the end of every row and turn the work around, circular knitting needles have the advantage of letting one work round and round until you finish the item or need to change the yarn. There are two main benefits that make circular knitting needles stand out, and one is the above mentioned functional advantage of being able to avoid alternative knitting. A secondary advantage results the possibility to knit garments without seams if that is what you wish for.

As with classical needles, the weight of the work is distributed on the surface of the needles, in the case of the circular knitting needles it rests on the nylon cord and therefore in the knitter's lap. Partly, the stitches will stay on the needles as such thus increasing the comfort level of your hands, by the reduction of the stress otherwise suffered the wrists. Circular knitting needles are therefore more advantageous for people who suffer from various joint problems like arthritis or rheumatism for instance.

Check the following details before buying circular knitting needles. First of all, make sure that the length of the nylon cord matches your purpose; you can find items with a cord of up to forty inches long that is excellent for more ample garment knitting. Baby clothes for instance will not require more than twelve inches in cord. How does size influence the quality of the knitting task? One thing is for sure, too short a cord makes work impossible and too long makes it cumbersome. And last but not least, when it comes to the cord length aspect, you should also know that the size of the needles is shorter for smaller cords too.

Last but not least, circular work needles enable one to carry the work on the train, on the plane or anywhere else one needs without the risk of the stitches falling off. Moreover, the circular flexible cord prevents the bothersome protruding inconvenience of classical knitting needles. Therefore, include circular knitting needles on the list of knitting supplies, they are good around the house and who knows when you are going to need them.

Circular knitting needles are an required part of any knitting kit and once you use them you will be amazed at their ease of use. So do not delay go by some today!


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