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June 26, 2020
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Knitting Magazines Are They Any Good?

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The variety of knitting magazines issued in English is truly large, but if we also count the publications in other national languages we'd be surprised to realize how many knitters there are worldwide. The more recent variant of regular paper-issued knitting magazines is the online electronic format also known under the name of e-magazine. If the number of readers is limited in the case of some paper knitting magazines. Wider access to information and superior popularity is registered by online knitting magazines that address people from various parts of the world.

Thus, there are many web pages dealing with knitting that contain links to knitting magazines of wide circulation, covering both the electronic and the paper format. The need for such publications is clearer than ever if we think that trends have to start somewhere as well as innovative ideas for more complex projects. Moreover, some public segments take knitting magazines function as an educational material, whether they learn to go from one knitting style to another or not. This is definitely the reason why there are success stories published with the cases of people who actually turned knitting in more than just a hobby.

Knitters do contribute with all sorts of materials to knitting magazines, and if we consider that most of the staff working for these publications know more than the basics of the hobby we get the real picture. Some knitters even collect magazines in personal so-called libraries with the favorite models or sources of inspiration to turn to when they want to try something new or different. Knitting magazines usually appear on a monthly basis and in a number of issues that is surely inferior to that of fashion magazines, yet this is very normal given the more specialized target readers.

International knitting magazines can be viewed in more languages of international circulation; French, Italian, English, German and Spanish are usually the common cases, but sometimes there are only bilingual sites with English and a national language included. The kind of articles to expect from these publications include free knit patterns explained, yarn information and tips, fashion collections, season trends and more. Some knitting supplies producers also use knitting magazines as an advertising platform for their products, opening the door for national and international users.


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