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September 11, 2020
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Learn Textile Art Jewelry

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Book Review: Design and Make Jewellery Using Textile Techniques by Sarah Keay

I was intrigued when I found this book from England and more than a little curious to see what another country had to offer to textile techniques in jewelry. Design and Make Jewellery Using Textile Techniques by Sarah Keay doesn't disappoint.

The introduction of the book is a wonderful treat including a history of the crossover between jewelry and textile techniques. The book follows with a section on the beginning of contemporary jewelry using textile techniques. This section includes brief blurbs on the foremost textile jewelers today including, among others, Mary Lee Hu, Arlene Fisch and Flora Book. For anyone interested in jewelry textile techniques this historical and contemporary information should be fascinating. It's also quite unusual to find this kind of historical perspective in a how-to jewelry book.

A three page Materials section follows which is adequate given the great diversity of projects and materials used in the book. The author does provide a number of tips and warnings for your consideration before beginning any work.

The first two projects teach both standard felting and Nuno felting, a Japanese felting technique, where loose fibers are bonded into a sheer fabric like silk chiffon. All is well illustrated and steps are clear. Crocheting follows the felting section and instructs on making a crocheted silk necklace followed by an inspiring five page gallery.

The next section, Binding, is equivalent to what we in the States call wire wrapping although this project differs a bit and is quite interesting. The gallery page here is also very inspiring. In Knitting and French Knitting, you'll get a good description of the techniques and learn to make a tiara and a French knit hollow bangle, both unusual and appealing projects. What's most appealing about the sections above is the gallery photos and descriptions that are included. You'll see knitting encased in resin and some very unique pieces sure to get your creative juices flowing.

For those of you looking to manually weave jewelry on a loom, there is a rare section on how to do that. While the weave looks marvelously complex and interesting, the process is far easier than one would think. Advanced textile technique jewelers will find this section most valuable and hard to find.

The last four textile techniques include bobbin lace making, sewing, hand spinning and smocking. If you didn't have a grandmother that taught you bobbin lace like mine did, here's your chance. Be sure to take a look at Myung Urso's gallery page to appreciate her sewn jewelry of sterling, embroidery and oriental calligraphy.

You'll also find more inspiration in the hand spinning project. Here, old newspaper has been recycled and hand spun into yarn. Amazing. If going green is where you're at, you'll completely enjoy this project.

Design and Make Jewellery Using Textile Techniques finishes with a diverse and extensive gallery sure to inspire the most sophisticated art jeweler. This is an excellent technique book and although it doesn't have the flood of projects usually seen in US books, it is well worth its purchase price for the complete descriptive projects and techniques it presents and the uniquely varied materials and their usage. The finishing touch is a book resources section followed by applicable websites for review.


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