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September 26, 2020
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Make Lasting Memories When You Knit An Heirloom Baby Blanket

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A hand knitted baby item is always an appreciated gift and because these gifts are made with love and care they're typically passed from generation to generation. That makes it even more difficult for you in deciding on this precious project. Should you make a blanket or knit a christening gown? What about yarn? How do you infuse this one special item with all the love it deserves?

The choice does not need to be that difficult. Our first thought is always that the new parents have either already bought everything they need or they have everything left over still from their previous child and they really do not need something new.
The one thing that you can never have too many of is a hand knitted baby blanket. Even baby clothes can go in and out of style however baby blankets are a timeless gift that will always be lovely and appreciated no matter how many times it gets passed down.

Now that knitting has become so popular again, there are any number of options out there for yarns and fibers that can quickly be worked up into a baby blanket. And with all of the gorgeous pastels or bright colors around you can simply match the dcor of any nursery that the parents have chosen.

Giving a hand knit baby blanket is giving a gift that can be passed down from generation to generation and will be appreciated by everyone. Creating a special gift, just right for the occasion, that can be treasured for years to come, shows the parents that you took the effort and time to make something that will be uniquely theirs. And it will be a great source of pride and pleasure for you, too.

If the baby blanket you're knitting is to be used for a newborn, choose a pattern that's tightly woven, without lace or open work. Designs with open work will allow the baby's fingers or toes to get caught and might cause discomfort or stress. And choose a yarn that is exceptionally soft and machine washable. New parents have little time to worry about hand-washing baby blankets. And make certain there are no beads or pompoms that can become detached and cause a choking hazard.

Don't forget, when you selecting a pattern for your heirloom baby blanket, that babies grow quickly. And they also tend to move around a lot so you will need to make it larger than you originally thought so they'll stay covered and warm. Normally, knitting an heirloom baby blanket is appreciated by the parents much more than the baby. However if you'd like to knit a blanket that the baby will really love as they grow a little older, chose a pattern with a woven ribbon around the edge and it will become the favorite blankie for naptime.


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