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October 16, 2020
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Materials in Making Your Own Purse

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Purse is one of the most important accessories for women. Almost all women can't go out without a purse. They use it to hold their important things, like cellphones, keys, and money. Some have a different purse for their powders, makeups and brushes.

Purses are easy to make. You just need to know the basic materials, and from here you can make your own alterations to create a unique piece.

In general, the basic materials you need for a purse are clasps, strap hooks, snaps, purse frames, magnetic clasps, d-rings, magnetic snaps, rings, swivel rings, chains and many more.

Some purses have handles. Some don't. If you will place a handle, decide on the length, the thickness, the shape and sturdiness. Make it very durable or it might break while you're outside.

The handles can be made from a variety of materials. The most common material used for handles is the same cloth used in the purse itself. Others make the purse more appealing by crocheting or knitting handles to the desired length. There are many kinds of strings available that can be used as handles. It can also be made of wires wrapped in dainty ribbons or yarns.

If you want the purse to have a closing, you either put a zipper or buttons. Some use Velcro or buckles. It can also be tied with strings to close. Some leave their purses with no closings at all as part of the design. There is just a flap to close the purse.

For zippers, it is available in different lengths. Depending on the design, some purses open on just one side, given a rectangular shape. Some opens on two sides. Still, some open on three sides.

Velcros comprise of two different sides. One is softer, the side that hooks to the rough side of the pair. It is rolled like a tape when bought and it can be cut exactly to the length of the purse opening. It also comes in different widths and colors.

Buttons look like beads. It comes in thousands of different shapes and sizes. If you prefer to button up your purse, you also have to make a buttonhole. It will require accurate measurements for the button and buttonhole to be aligned. Otherwise, your purse will not look good, or worse, will not close properly.

To make your purse more durable, consider lining it with cloth or other materials. This is very important especially when you will stuff it with heavy things. With continued use, it will get worn out and might break.

For added design, and also for a more personal look, you can sew patches or draw images using textile paints. You can also put glitters or sew outlines of flowers, butterflies and other images of your favorite things.

There are many different embellishments to accentuate your purse. It can be beads, strings, ribbons, glitters, paints, small flower figurines, plastic decors, sequins, garters, wires and many more. The list is practically endless. Let your imagination take over in designing your purse. Make is very personalized and unique. You can get more ideas by reading craft books and magazines.


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